War on Drugs

The War on Drugs has failed. We can’t afford to keep continuing with the status quo and punishing people for being mentally ill, addicted to drugs or homeless. Unfortunately, many District Attorneys oppose a smarter approach. Fortunately, a growing majority of Oregon voters are ready for change. More information soon. Return to this page to learn more about this topic.

Racial Justice

Our current criminal justice system is unfair. People of color are disproportionately targeted from the moment they get pulled over by a police officer to how long of sentences they serve. This is morally reprehensible, but we can change it through District Attorney reform. More information soon.

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Mandatory Minimums

One way District Attorneys are perpetuating ineffective, “tough on crime” strategies like the War on Drugs is through charging people with crimes that have mandatory minimum sentences.

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Police Accountability

District attorneys are the top law enforcement officials in each county. Even though the police and sheriffs are organized independently from the DA’s office, they work very closely to respond to alleged crimes. And the police can’t lock anybody into the criminal justice system without the help of a prosecutor. That means DAs can have a lot of influence on and oversight of the police.

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Youth Justice

Youth ages 15 years or older are now automatically thrown into the adult criminal justice system if they are charged with certain crimes. Oregon should ensure youth are held accountable in ways that keep them out of the adult system and where youth are offered an opportunity to rebuild their lives. More information soon. Return to this page to learn more about this topic.